post-apocalyptic scene

Greetings. Here is my progress so far. I certainly am glad to have that extra week...There is still much to be resolved here. Any suggestions?


Post-Apoc Pin-Up: Update 1

Hey guys,

Roughed in the character and bike, hope the sizing is better now. Gotta start costume ideas.


Deadline Extension: 10/08/2009

We decided to give this thing an extra week, so the new submission deadline is now August 10th, 2009.

Post-Apoc Pin-Up

Hey guys, figured I'd run with this. I came across this wicked site while searching for reference; http://ratbike.org/. It's a site dedicated to shoddy, shitty, massively home-built motor bikes that look like they belong in a post apocalyptic world. I figured this would be a fresh take on the motorbike pin up, and very fitting of the theme. Anyway, here's my rough layout. I might go more of a graphic style for the back ground if i run out of time. Post Apoc chick on her survivalist bike, with a sawed off shotgun on a broken over pass. Might give her a gas mask as well, that's always sexy. Also, the bike is a bit of a mini, though the proportions might not do it... tell me what you think.


Theme #1: A Post-Apocalyptic Scene

Time Frame:

3 weeks (20/07/09 - 03/08/09 10/08/09)


Scraps of twisted metal stretch out towards the grey sky which remains forever overcast above a dying city. Many buildings have been reduced to rubble and the ones that still stand look abandoned and hollow. Death and disease lurks at every corner. Humans continue to exist, but adaptation proves difficult. They scurry about like rats when they leave the comforts of their nooks and crannies among the concrete rubble. The ones lucky enough to possess weaponry occupy the buildings—which automatically puts them higher up in the hierarchy of this place. Household pets have either died from starvation, turned wild or—as is the case with most dogs—have remained with their human companions. Food and water is scarce. The only water that has not been contaminated is found in bottled form and gangs have seized most of the supplies which are starting to run low. An uprising is forming to take back the buildings and the remaining water supply from the gangs. Many reminders still exist of the world as it once was. Store interiors have been looted and the few things left are now covered in dust and ash. Store signs are still hanging, but are dull and weather-beaten. There are still drivable cars which run on siphoned gas from stalled vehicles. Most cars, however, have been set on fire at one time or another and reduced to a charred frame. What remains, is often used as shelter by human or animal. Electricity is practically gone except for what can still be extracted from car batteries. The army has not yet reached this city. It is run entirely by gangs.


The description is there only to provide some ideas, some inspiration and to give a rough sense of what is expected out of this first piece. You don't have to follow it word for word. It can be anything from a layout piece to a single character piece, just as long as it is apparent that it takes place in a post apocalyptic environment. Zombies and alien creatures are allowed.
Post your progress if you can.At deadline, only finished pieces go up on the blog. Late submissions are permitted.