Post-Apoc Pin-Up: Update 1

Hey guys,

Roughed in the character and bike, hope the sizing is better now. Gotta start costume ideas.


  1. Rockin'! I'd go even bigger with the front of the bike... maybe a slight perspective with the front wheel almost going off the page? Just a suggestion, but it'll look good either way. Girl is looking sexy... try not to make her any more jacked than this, for god-sakes resist the urge!! :D
    Is she propping herself up with her right hand? If so, is the seat high enough for the obstructed hand to reach it. And it looks like she's gonna be holding the shotgun in her left? Careful not to make the arm positions too awkward. Her body is looking great - gonna be a great pinup, man! Looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks man! Her right will be holding a WW2 helmet or something along that line. I'll try to make the front stand out more, i definitely agree with you. I'll make changes when i start to clean up.