post-apocalyptic scene

Greetings. Here is my progress so far. I certainly am glad to have that extra week...There is still much to be resolved here. Any suggestions?


  1. Josh, I had a feeling you were cooking up something good and you did not disappoint, my friend. As is usual with your art, you offer the viewer a lot to look at, and a lot to discover. I found myself looking at your piece for a good minute or two and being totally engrossed by all the different aspects. Nice angle; great job with the colours thus far (love that touch of pink in some areas); love the ruins, the rubble. The busted bus is freakin’ great! I really appreciate the sort of “retro” feel of this piece and I like the fact that you’re having fun with this piece: the circling vultures, the enlarged vermin, and the skeletons frozen in position which tells a story of better days.

    Apparently, the apocalypse is still in progress, as yet another mushroom cloud has formed…. Certainly, an interesting background, though, in my opinion, the effect would have been stronger if the cloud was a further away from the scene. Also, be careful with the ring, as it seems to me like the perspective might be just a little off compared to the top cloud – make the ring even more oval, so that it overlaps itself a little. The bug on the wall, also doesn’t seem to coordinate with the angle/perspective of the wall - his behind sticks out a little too much, and it’s hard to actually believe he’s climbing that wall. Oh, and maybe tear up that curtain just a little bit?
    Thus far, the piece is fantastic and I’m excited to see the progress as you continue to refine it. Great stuff so far, Josh!

  2. Thanks for the insightful critique! I knew something about that cloud was a little off. I kind of wanted that cloud to be a lingering afterimage moving it back and making it fainter should help that perhaps I'll give it the same blue glow as the ghosts to get that point across. Great choice of theme. I'm having a blast with this one heh heh.

  3. Hey Josh,

    Great stuff, as usual :D. Bit of a FO3 homage, I see, hehehhe. I love the under structure of the building to the right, as well as the foreground wall, with all the different layers of destruction; the crumbling masonry all the way to the peeling top layers. Looking at the heavy pink highlights on that right wall, juxtaposed with the mushroom cloud, the latter gets pushed back a fair amount, and i think it will be even more apparent that the cloud is farther away when the rest of the highlights are in place on the buildings. What it looked like to me was that the ghosts where circling the cloud. As it is now, one of the things that isn't emphasized that you might want to think about is the desolation of a post apocalyptic world; having the very far background more apparent to the eye would enhance the over all feel of the piece, in my opinion. Right now the mushroom cloud blots that out a bit. I think either reduce that left wall, make the cloud more transparent, or push the cloud farther back.

    Great attention to detail, as always, looks great so far! Keep us up to date!

    (really like that lightening effect in the cloud, by the way)