Post-Apoc Pin-Up

Hey guys, figured I'd run with this. I came across this wicked site while searching for reference; http://ratbike.org/. It's a site dedicated to shoddy, shitty, massively home-built motor bikes that look like they belong in a post apocalyptic world. I figured this would be a fresh take on the motorbike pin up, and very fitting of the theme. Anyway, here's my rough layout. I might go more of a graphic style for the back ground if i run out of time. Post Apoc chick on her survivalist bike, with a sawed off shotgun on a broken over pass. Might give her a gas mask as well, that's always sexy. Also, the bike is a bit of a mini, though the proportions might not do it... tell me what you think.


  1. Nice! Definitely like where you're going with this. I would make the bike bigger, especially the front side of it - it'd look so badass.

    The site is a great find, too!

  2. Thanks man, I'm refining the girl now, I'll post it tomorrow. Definitely needs a bigger bike, what was i thinking!?