Post Apocalyptic scene final

Well, here it is at long last. Thanks for your valuable input fellas. It is interesting to look down the blog and observe how much the image has evolved. How are your paintings coming along?


  1. This is a really solid piece, man. I like it a lot. The brick structure ruins turned out fantastic and the curled up aluminum siding is a nice touch. The piece looks darker, more saturated and "full". You've used the space really well and made this a real feast for the eyes. A great first submission!

    Now that yours is in, Sheridan and I definitely need to get our shit together and get ours done. Dunno how I'll make it happen as I'm in a middle of a move, but I'll give it my best try. Once all the submissions are in, we'll continue with the next theme.

    Thanks again for your stellar art, Josh.

  2. Wicked work, congrats on being the only one to follow through with this SO FAR (I'll get mine done! I swear!). Great work on the masonry, and the sky looks impeccable, masterful rending on those wisps of clouds. Lots of detail, that brick work on the far wall is superb. I think my only remaining crit would be to use some stronger red highlights to pop out that front wall with the skellies.

    Great work defining the forms on the structures and bus specifically. The ghosts look good and translucent. Really great job man! Is that a broken down diner in the back?!

  3. Thanks very much for your glowing critiques! I think I will do a wee bit more work on the foreground...before I include it in the reel I send to Bethesda!...and indeed that is a former diner in the background i was going to letter that sign perhaps to make it a little more obvious but I couldn't think of a way to make it legible at that distance.

  4. What DPI were you using for the piece?

  5. hey joshy. this is looking absurd. Well done man.
    I would love to see you play with the saturation of the foreground, midground background elements man. Its post apocalyptic, Im seeing a haze of sand and smog. I think if you drop the background's saturation dramatically, and then make all the mid ground objects (besides maybe your focus) a tad less saturated it'll really create depth.

    if you dont want to touch the mid ground, perhaps try making the foreground a tad blurred/less saturated. Its a tad difficult to navigate around the image. Lead the viewers eye with visual clues like that